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Attorney Joe Lanter is an accomplished trial lawyer who gained significant jury trial experience while serving as a County Prosecutor in Missouri. After his relocation to Northeast Ohio, Joe transitioned to defending clients charged with a wide range of criminal offenses, felonies and misdemeanors alike.


Over his many years of experience, Joe has developed particular strengths in handling OVI/DUI offenses.  First of all, don't drink and drive.  If you decide to have those few drinks at dinner, make sure you give someone else your keys.  If you don't know how to use Uber or another ride-sharing service, learn... It could save yours or someone else's life.


But if you have been pulled over, you can expect the police officer to begin making the case against you immediately. From the first moment law enforcement observes your driving, notes are being made.  Did you cross over the center line?  Were you driving erratically?  If it's late at night, did you forget to turn your headlights on?  Law enforcement is looking for any sign that drivers are impaired - and what may seem to be minor traffic offenses, can often lead to much bigger problems if the driver has been drinking.  To learn more about field sobriety tests, check out: Field Sobriety Testing: What you should know


Perhaps one of the most common questions we get is:  Should I blow into a breathalyzer or not?  Check out Joe's answer: To Blow or Not? Consequences of a Breathalyzer.


If you’ve been charged with a crime, it is imperative that you understand your rights and have an advocate who can zealously represent you. Joe has the tools necessary to attack field sobriety tests, breathalyzer results, custodial statements and admissions, and sobriety checkpoints.  If you've had your license suspended as a result of a drunk driving arrest, you may be entitled to limited driving privileges  and we can help you understand your options.  As a defendant in more serious offenses, we understand the necessity of case preparation and are committed to conducting extensive witness interviews, expert retention, and we will leave no stone unturned.


Perhaps one of the most important parts of the criminal defense process is the evaluation of plea bargain offers. Joe can assist you as you carefully weigh the benefits of waiving your trial rights and entering a plea of no contest or a plea of guilty.  Whether it be a dismissal, reduction of charges, or not guilty verdict at a trial, we will argue for the best possible result in your case.

While OVI/DUI convictions cannot be expunged or sealed, other convictions are eligible. We have successfully had the records of convictions sealed in numerous courts across Northeast Ohio and before trying to have a conviction expunged or sealed, you must understand the two-step determination of eligibility. Lanter Legal can help you identify if you are eligible.

If you are in need of a highly-experienced, aggressive and passionate, criminal defense attorney, look no further than Lanter Legal.


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